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UNEP Roundtable on Iraqi Marshland Management - 21 - 22 September 2004


  • To present the UNEP project titled "Support for Environmental Management of the Iraqi Marshlands" and discuss its implementation plans with various stakeholders
  • To provide a platform for exchange information on marshland management among local, national, and international partners
  • To examine the current status of marshland management and various United Nations initiatives that support marshland management, and to identify areas for cooperation


UNEP has recently launched a project titled "Support for Environmental Management of the Iraqi Marshlands" within the framework of the United Nations Trust Fund for Iraqi Reconstruction. Dialogue during the project preparation process, with the Iraqi counterparts, UN agencies within the UN Trust Fund mechanism, and donor agencies, identified a clear need to discuss various on-going initiatives and to facilitate coordinated response for marshland management. UNEP was requested to organize a meeting to address this need, as one of the activities within the project framework. This Roundtable was organized in response to this request.

The Roundtable was organized over two days. Sessions on Day 1 provided a platform to discuss the UNEP project, and to analyze the current status of various initiatives taking place in and for the Marshlands, both environmental and otherwise. Day 2 focused on the project implementation plan from thematic and institutional perspectives. Following the close of the Roundtable, three working group sessions were held in the afternoon of Day 2 to discuss and refine thematic implementation plans in further detail.

The participants for the Roundtable included representatives from Iraqi authorities at the national, governorate, and local levels, UN agencies from relevant clusters within the UN Iraq Trust Fund mechanism, bilateral agencies, and other stakeholders. Discussions served as an input to establish practical cooperation for this project, as well as another UNEP proposal on coordination of activities for the Iraqi Marshlands.