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Support for Environmental Management of the Iraqi Marshlands: 2004-2009

The completion report for the "UNEP Support for Environmental Management of the Iraqi Marshlands" project has been published. This publication presents the background of the project, project activities, and major outputs and benefits achieved for all the project phases. The report also makes recommendations on additional initiatives to improve the environmental conditions for the Marshlands area as well as for the country.

Download - English version (PDF 2.45MB)

Download - Arabic version (PDF 3.21MB)

(January 2010)

Back to Life

Under Phase I, "Back to Life" was published in August 2005 to raise public awareness of the Iraqi Marshlands Project and has been distributed both inside and outside of Iraq. English, Arabic and Japanese versions are available. The second edition of "Back to Life" has been published in December 2006 reflecting the latest progress of the project.

Download - Arabic version (PDF 6.02MB)

Download - Japanese version (PDF 1.24MB)

(December 2006)

Training Manuals (Phase I)

As part of every training course delivered under Phase I, UNEP in collaboration with various partner institutions produced training manuals to accompany each course. All of the manuals deal with different aspects of sustainable environmental management of the Marshlands and cover subject matter under three categories: policy and institutional, technical, and data management and analysis. All manuals of 10 training courses are available to download in both English and Arabic.


Roundtable Report (Phase I)

In September 2004, UNEP organized a Roundtable as one of the activities within the project framework. Dialogue during the project preparation process, with the Iraqi counterparts, UN agencies within the UN Trust Fund mechanism, and donor agencies, identified a clear need to discuss various on-going initiatives and to facilitate coordinated response for marshland management.

Download (PDF 1.40MB)