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Environmental Awareness Programme

June 2007: Environmental awareness campaign reaches women in the marshland villages

Awareness raising activities have started in marshland villages in Basrah, Thi-Qar and Missan governorates, in cooperation with Marine Science Center of Basrah University and the Women and Environment Organization (WEO). Basrah University is conducting initiatives in Basrah Governorate, and the Women and Environment Organization (WEO) is covering Thi-Qar and Missan Governorates. In total, women from 15 rural villages are participating in these activities. Most of these villages lack access to basic services, such as healthcare, drinking water, and sanitation. The residents have indicated that this was the first time they have received attention and help. Qualified female instructors are conducting practical demonstrations and lectures, including collecting water from areas that are less likely to be polluted, how to treat water for safe drinking, sustainable reed harvesting practices, and basic health and hygiene measures. The participants have expressed great interest and enthusiasm, and have received the practical information materials, small goods and equipment to enable them to improve basic environmental and health practices in their daily lives. The communities are visited again some time after the completion of the activities, to assess the impacts of the demonstrations and lectures.

Demonstrations in maintaining personal hygiene and in obtaining clean water (Thi-Qar Governorate)

Women with their children attending lectures

Goods and equipment distributed to the participants

Information leaflets and posters