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Support in-country secondary MIN training

10-14 September 2006, Thi-Qar,
17-21 September 2006, Basrah
24-28 September 2006, Missan, Iraq


The UNEP project supported MIN training sessions inside Iraq to enhance the capacity of Iraqi officials in the Environment Directorate offices in Thi-Qar, Basrah and Missan governorates in managing their respective MIN websites. Five-day training sessions were held in each of the three governorates, and a total of twelve personnel were trained. These secondary training sessions were organized by the Ministry of Environment, with support from UNEP. The Ministry personnel who have undergone MIN management training outside Iraq conducted the training sessions. Arabic and English MIN training manuals, prepared by UNEP, were provided and utilized.

The MIN sites of the Missan, Basrah, and Thi-Qar Environment Directorates are structured to complement the Ministry of Environment main web site in Baghdad. A coordination mechanism for updating the directorate websites was also established and confirmed with the participants during the training, including the following:

  • Obtaining timely approval from Ministry of Environment Head Office for web updates
  • Reporting of progress in the updating of MIN sites to coordinator in Baghdad
  • Collecting information and reports from their respective directorates as well as from other organizations working in the marshlands