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OBJECTIVES - Development Goal and Key Immediate Objectives

The development goal of the Iraqi Marshlands project is to support the sustainable management and restoration of the Iraqi Marshlands, with the following immediate objectives:

  • To monitor and assess baseline characteristics of the marshland conditions, to provide objective and up-to-date information, and to disseminate tools needed for assessment and management.
  • To build capacity of Iraqi decision makers and community representatives on aspects of marshland management, including: policy and institutional aspects, technical subjects, and analytical tools.
  • To identify EST options that are suitable for immediate provision of drinking water and sanitation, as well as wetland management, and to implement them on a pilot basis
  • To identify needs for additional strategy formulation and coordination for the development of longer term marshland management plan, based on pilot results and cross-sectoral dialogue.

The project is expected to raise the basic capacity in technical and policy aspects of water quality and wetland management. Utilizing such expertise, suitable Environmentally Sound Technology (EST) options will be identified and implemented on a pilot basis to meet the urgent need for water and sanitation in a number of marshland communities. Based on these activities, a strategy for wider application of technical options for marshland management will be developed. The strategy, as well as expertise and knowledge, provide valuable input for the eventual development of a master plan for the Iraqi Marshland, and its subsequent implementation by domestic institutions.