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Phase I: September 2004 - December 2007


The first phase of the project commenced in 2004 with the initial funding from the Government of Japan through the United Nations Iraq Trust Fund. This project aims to support the sustainable management and restoration of the Iraqi Marshlands by facilitating strategy formulation, monitoring and analyzing current conditions, raising capacity for policy and technical management, and implementing Environmentally Sound Technology (EST) options on a pilot basis. The project phase consists of an integrated package of five components, with various activities implemented under each component.


Component 1: Support for strategy development and coordination

Component 1 facilitates strategy development for marshland management by analyzing the current policy and institutional frameworks, and by providing initial support to assess the integration of environmental dimensions into the national marshland management coordination mechanism. Stakeholder and donor coordination activities are also supported.

Component 2: Data collection and baseline analysis

Component 2 addresses the need to establish the baseline of the marshland environment, and to collect and analyze necessary data required to determine potential intervention options to meet the immediate needs for water, sanitation, and marshland management.

Component 3: Capacity building

Component 3 addresses the need to raise capacity of Iraqi decision makers in government and communities in policy and strategy framework for marshland management, as well as technical options for immediate mitigation.

Component 4: Pilot implementation

Component 4 addresses the need to identify suitable options, and provides support for pilot implementation of such options in drinking water, sanitation, and marshland management.

Component 5: Awareness raising and follow-up

Component 5 addresses the need to raise awareness of marshland conditions, and efforts for management and restoration undertaken by Iraqi and international institutions, including UNEP.