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Advanced Marshlands Information Network (MIN) Training and Technical Meeting: Data gaps addressed to support suitable environmental management of the Iraqi Marshlands - Summary Report

Shiga, Japan
27-30 June 2006‏‏‏


As part of Phase II-A of UNEP's ongoing project, "Support for the Environmental Management of the Iraqi Marshlands," funded by the Government of Italy, UNEP DTIE IETC held an advanced training/technical meeting with experts from the Ministries of Environment, Water Resources, and Municipalities and Public Works.

The meeting was a direct follow-up to the initiation meeting held in Paris on 7 April 2006. As such, the meeting addressed recommendations and action items presented and agreed to by participants at the Paris meeting. The experts were also given hands-on advanced training to reorganize and streamline the MIN site structures of each ministry.


The overall purpose of the meeting was two-fold:

  1. To assist Iraqi Ministries to effectively analyze, present, and share available data on the Marshlands Information Network (MIN)
  2. To develop a strategy for initial data collection efforts on basic demographic and socio-economic data, and solid waste management in the Marshlands

Meeting Outputs

At the conclusion of the four-day meeting, the experts in collaboration with IETC staff accomplished the following:

  1. Developed plans with each Ministry to coordinate data collection inside the Marshlands, to continue the upkeep and updating of the Marshlands Information Network (MIN), to further develop effective reports using existing and forthcoming data, and to expand the use of the MIN as a tool for sharing and managing data.
  2. Utilized existing data provided from the Ministries as examples for how to analyze, manage, share, and upload effective reports.
  3. Completed the reorganization and streamlining of the MIN site structure for the current MOE, MOWR, and MMPW MIN web sites.